It’s no wonder Portland is becoming the capital of coffee destination in the nation. Lucky for us we don’t have to go far to find great coffee in North Portland, OR

Presso Coffee Bar
Roasts their own delicious coffee and serves breakfast and lunch including their popular toasts. A spot is known for picture moments and with complimentary WiFi and power outlets near every table for a productive day of work or study.

Albina Press
The original Albina Press, located in North Portland’s Albina neighborhood, opened in 2004. Fuller, a former successful stockbroker, came into the coffee business in what he refers to as the “third wave of coffee
Blend Coffee
Specializing in single cup coffee service and traditional espresso beverages. Serving cold press coffee all year round. They carry many gluten-free options as well. Come and meet a friend, or settle in for a day’s work at your off-site office (outlets galore!), or just grab and go. 
Cathedral Coffee
Get a crafted drink with the intention of putting a smile on your face, and joy in your heart. Also, serves food is thoughtfully crafted in house, every day. Their chef and bakers use quality seasonal and local ingredients and come up with some of the most creative and delicious baked goods and comfort foods you’ll find anywhere in Portland.

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